About Simple Store

AboutSimple Store

  • Self-managed shopping cart
  • Paypal/Stripe card checkout
  • Online card payment processing
  • All legally required information pages
  • 100% GDPR compliance
  • Search engine optimised
  • Mobile friendly
  • SSL cert as standard

Standard Pages

Store Page
About Page
Contact Page
Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy
Terms & Conditions

Add as many additional pages as you require

Store Features

Self Managed
Add & Remove Products
Stock Control
CRM Built-in
Voucher Codes
Paypal Checkout
Card Payments
Full Reporting

Fully configured, add your products and start selling

Legal Requirements

100% GDPR Compliant
Cookie Control
Privacy Policy
Terms & Conditions
Delivery/returns disclosure
SSL Certificate
Customer Recording
Data Protection

With 18 years experience of selling online we will keep you right

Maintaining YourSimple Store

Using your store dashboard you can add…

  • Add, edit or remove product categories
  • Add, edit or remove products
  • Update stock levels
  • Track sales data
  • Send automated emails to purchasers
  • Setup discount vouchers
  • See all orders at a glance
  • Create discount vouchers
  • Manage your customer database

"How-to" Videos

Below you'll find our latest "how-to" videos to help you get the most out of your CMS Store module. We're making new videos all the time, so checkback often.

If you'd like us to make a specific video for you, get in touch.

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Simple Store Dashboard

Dashboard: Main View

This is the main view of your dashboard, that you see when first logging in.

At a glance, you can see all current orders, daily values, order and product summary and links to all other dashboard functions.

Simple Store Dashboard

Dashboard: Products

This is the products area of your dashboard, this is where you manage your products and categories.

Use this section to control every aspect of your product listings including prices, images, vouchers, attributes and availability.

Simple Store Dashboard

Dashboard: Options

This is the options area of your dashboard, this is where you set up and control how your online store works.

In this section, you'll set your payment & shipping options, configure your automated emails, backup your database and keep everything running smoothly.

Don't panic, we're always on hand to help out in the early days!

Simple Store Dashboard

Dashboard: Clients

This is the client management area of your dashboard, this is where you manage your previous and current clients.

Maintaining client records is vital to future success, Simple Store has great CRM built right in, no need for additional processes.

Recorded here will be all your customers with previous and active orders available at a glance.

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