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Nails is a self-updating template powered website from Caffeine Injection. Demo'd here for nail techs, but suitable for any salon business.

Most of the text areas on this page are editable by you, on the fly, on any device, even your phone!

Nails also incorporates our online booking scheduler which gives you the ability to manage an online appointments diary for all your staff, enabling your clients to book, pay and if required cancel their appointments with you.

Setup is from £150 with a monthly flat fee of only £40 for the website AND the booking system, with no limit on the number of staff you add.

Don't like the theme of this site? Change it to one of our many template sites for no additional cost!

Opening Hours

  • Mon 9-5
  • Tues 9-5
  • Wed 9-5
  • Thurs 12-8
  • Fri 9-7
  • Sat 7-12

This section is editable so you, so you change you can ensure your website reflects your actual opening hours, including holidays etc.

About Us

This is a place to tell your site visitors about you, your staff and your services.

This section is editable, you can change this section as often as you like.

It doesn't have to be an "About Us" section, you can change it to latest news, or events, or whatever you like.

Price List

Item description & price
Item description & price
Item description & price
Item description & price
Item description & price
Item description & price
Item description & price

This section is editable by you, so your online advertised prices will always be correct.


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